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More people are displaced today than at any time in recorded history

Forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution, most will never be able to return. Of the 65.6 million people uprooted, 22.5 million are refugees trying to rebuild in new countries. Over half of these refugees are children, who often undertake the dangerous journey alone.

Without support networks, refugees -- especially children -- face a rough road.

Refugees suffer discrimination and cultural misunderstanding. In many cases, their education and work experience are not recognized by host countries. Refugees must build new lives. They face extraordinary challenges every day. Sometimes just seeing a friendly face in a new community can make all the difference.

Refugees Welcome invites communities around the world to help refugees feel more at home.

We know that good food and relaxed conversation can lead to great things—whether learning about local customs or helping someone prepare for a job interview. Sharing stories is a powerful way to change hearts and minds. Big or small, these connections can be life-changing. In fact, according to recent research, 64% of people empathized with refugees after imagining themselves in a refugee’s shoes. By breaking bread together, refugees and their neighbors may discover that they have more in common than expected.

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