Welcome to the table

Thanks for your interest in hosting! Two quick things:

1. Be sure to join the Refugees Welcome to Dinner Facebook community. This closed Facebook group is where you can share questions, learnings, photos and comments with both our team and your worldwide community of fellow hosts. Consider this your kitchen, so to speak – a place to chat, chew on ideas and feed the global community of Refugees Welcome♥ dinners!

2. Your hosting toolkit is below! If you’re in a rush and want to read later, you can download a PDF version HERE.


Not everyone is connected to newly arrived refugees in their local communities. But connecting is a lot easier than you may think! We suggest contacting resettlement agencies and/or non-profits who work with refugees. Resettlement agencies work around the world to find homes, jobs and other support for refugees. Non-profits supporting refugees will also be in touch with refugees in your community; faith-based organizations, such as local churches, synagogues and mosques may also have connections.

When reaching out to refugees, be sure to consider their living situation and access to transportation. Chat with local resettlement agencies or drop us a line at [email protected]


Start with your guest list! It helps determine how big a space you need. Depending on the number of attendees, a home, office or community space may work. Consider things like: access to public transportation; comfortable seating and spaces to talk; and where the food will be coming from. In order to maximize the number of “yes” responses you receive, you could ask your guests to confirm availability for two potential dates.

Tip: When deciding on the date, be mindful of religious holidays and potential guest commitments.


Everyone knows: food brings people together, and invites sharing and conversation. If you’re planning to cook, consider including personal favorites or unique, local dishes. Think about your guests’ dietary restrictions (Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Kosher? Non-alcoholic?) and make sure there’s something for everyone. Catering your event is a stress-free way to feed your guests; if you go this route, consider caterers or restaurants that support refugees, like Eat Offbeat in New York City, La Cocina in San Francisco and The Chickpea Sisters in London.


Spread the word about your dinner on social media, over email and in person! Feel free to download and post any of the graphics we’ve made. If you’re not hosting, share these to show your support. You can help to build communities of welcome and sharing, both online and off.

Facebook Cover Photo
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Let’s make sure you’re ready to welcome your guests:

  • Confirm your food order or begin prep
  • Print name tags – and don’t forget to wear yours! Download the template HERE
  • Print discussion questions (to help keep the conversation flowing). Download the questions HERE
  • Send reminders to your RSVPs.


Everyone should have a chance to eat, a chance to talk and a chance to make new friends. What else should you remember to do?

  • Take pictures! If you want to hire a photographer, that’s wonderful. But a simple mobile phone camera can work just as well. Post your pictures on social media. If you’re on Instagram and Twitter, be sure to tag us at @LoveForRefugees. Otherwise post to the Refugees Welcome to Dinner Facebook community (if you haven’t yet, be sure to ask us to join).
  • Keep conversation going with our conversation starters (reminder: get them HERE) or with topics of your own.
  • Encourage your guests to host dinners of their own. Whether it’s the same group or a different mix, more dinners mean more welcoming and stronger communities.


The photos of your dinner will inspire other hosts to step up and welcome refugees. Here’s how to take great ones:

  • Make a ♥ with your hands: We’re unifying our dinners with more than a hashtag; we’re making a hand-heart. This simple hand gesture will help make separate dinners around the world part of one big, welcoming community – a community that isn’t afraid to show a little love!
  • Take group photos: These dinners are about bringing people together. So come together – in front of the camera!
  • Take candids: If your guests are comfortable with candid photos, take some snaps during dinner. You’ll be surprised at the great moments you capture. Just try to avoid people chewing 😉


You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back. Or an extra scoop of ice cream, if that’s more appealing. Finally, here are a few things you can do to maximize your impact:

  • Share your photos. You can post them on your own social media channels, share them on the Refugees Welcome to Dinner Facebook community or feel free to email them directly to us at [email protected] – and we’ll share them for you!
  • Invite your guests to the Refugees Welcome to Dinner Facebook community. You can help make other people’s dinners great by sharing advice and anecdotes about what worked well.
  • Thank your guests! They came with open hearts and minds. So send around an email or a note, and make sure they know that you are all part of something big.

Would you like to download the PDF of the toolkit?

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